Silver Sponsor


Kids Corral Sponsor – SOLD



Kids Corral – $3,000

Located between the Main Grandstand and the main gate entrance. The Kids Corral will be equipped with family entertainment including a large petting zoo, food trucks, First Responder Agency representatives and other events hosted by the Zebra Child Protection Centre.

  • Arena signage 5’w x 4’h (Provided by sponsor) direct view of Main Grandstand & VIP Seating area of up to 2100 people
  • Company signage allowed in Kids Corral area (Sponsor to provide)
  • Company flag in Sponsor Parade during the Opening Ceremony and 2nd half (5’w x 3’h Flag provided by sponsor)
  • Company name mentioned during the rodeo
  • 6 VIP Rodeo and Barn Dance passes
  • ¼ page advertisement in Program (Submit by June 1, 2020)
  • Option to set up a company 10 x 10 display tent
  • Website (Logo) & Social Media listing.
  • Social Media posted pictures of event
  • Option to host a social media contest giveaway (sponsor to provide)
  • Option to post your company social media handle in the Kids Corral area (Sponsor to provide)