EFFRA Entries


Entries are open to any member of a Law Enforcement agency, paid Fire employee, Volunteer Fire member, Emergency Medical Services technician/provider and those in their immediate family.

Our emergency services are comprised of men and women working together for the safety of our communities and this event is no different.  Enter one of our individual events or round up your toughest team and compete against other First Responders for a chance to win a buckle while supporting a couple of great charities.

Check back frequently for updated information!

This year's events

All events are subject to EFRRA bylaws, which can be downloaded by clicking here
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    Using a special rigging, a rider must hold on with one hand and endure an 8 second ride on a horse that doesn’t want them there.

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    Saddle Bronc

    Using a special saddle, a rider must hold on with one hand and endure an 8 second ride on a horse that doesn’t want them there.

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    Chute Dogging

    Bulldogging for the horseless. This event showcases a cowboys ability to take an animal weighing 4-500 pounds and bring it down to the ground so that it can be tended to.

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    Bull Riding

    The toughest event in Rodeo. An 8 second ride on a bull that not only wants you off, but wants a piece of you when you land.

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    Cowboy Poker

    Watch as 4 cowboys/cowgirls play a round of poker with a bull loose in the arena. The winner of this event is the last one to remain seated.

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    Ladies Barrel Racing

    For the Ladies! This event showcases expert horsemanship as contestants race around three barrels spread out through the arena for the fastest time.

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    Ladies Breakaway Roping

    One female rider vs. one runaway calf. This event showcases the fastest rope in the west without any harm to the animal.

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    Ladies Cow Riding

    An 8 second ride on a cow that not only wants the female rider off, but wants a piece of her when she lands.

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    Ladies Steer Undecorating

    Teams of three will try to catch their designated steer and remove the colour coded halter/lead and ribbon, trying to bring both back to the finish line as fast as possible.

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    Team Roping

    Consisting of one Header and one Heeler, two contestants work together to catch a runaway steer using a highly trained horse and their roping skills.

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    Wild Horse Racing

    One of the more dangerous events for contestants. Teams of three attempt to get their rider on the back of a saddled bronc and bring it across the finish line.

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    Wild Cow Milking

    Watch as teams of three – on foot – try and contain a wild cow as they try and get milk from her.

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    Pee Wee Barrel Racing

    Sometimes referred to as the cutest thing in rodeo. Watch these young riders (under 10 years of age) compete in the same arena as their older competitors.

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    Junior Barrel Racing

    Watch these riders compete for the fastest time in an age category just for youth (10-17 years of age)

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    Junior Calf Scramble

    New this year! 12 contestants will compete and try to pull a ribbon of a calf that is released in the arena. First to bring the ribbon back is the winner.

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    Mutton Busting

    Here’s where most contestants get their start into the rodeo arena. This half time event is where children under 6 try to ride a sheep bareback as long as they can.

Open June 1st at 0800hrs.
Close June 30th at 1800hrs.

Sold out? Please contact us, a wait list will be managed off-line.

Contestant entries include entry into the wrap up Barn Dance.


Dust off your boots, put on a clean shirt and be sure to come spend the night with fellow contestants as you dance away the night to some great country music.  A great time to socialize with different agencies that are also working hard to keep our communities safe. Enjoy a few beverages while sharing stories of bravery, near misses and proudest achievements…from your day in the arena of course.

Event Schedule


Gates open 11 a.m.

Kid's Corral 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Rodeo 1 p.m.

Barn Dance doors open 7 p.m.

Sorry, No minors



General Rodeo – $20

Kids 10 and under – Free

Barn Dance – $20

Tickets are available at the gate for cash purchase. ATM on site.

Are you a member of The Constable’s Lounge?  The Constable’s Lounge has generously purchased a number of tickets including the rodeo and the wrap-up Barn Dance for any lounge member in good standing.  Contact a Lounge representative for more details.


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