Our event is going live soon and purchases will take place in person at the rodeo. The online shop is closed during this time.

Saddle Bronc




Saddle Bronc – $40

Using a special saddle, a rider must hold on with one hand and endure an 8 second ride on a horse that doesn’t want them there.  1 heat of 6 riders available

    • 8 second, one handed ride
    • Protective vest is mandatory
    • Time stops on dismount or if free hand touches.  Does not result in disqualification
    • Both horse and rider are scored
    • If there are no scores, the winner will be determined by longest ride
    • May use own saddle/cinch subject to Judges approval

Contestants must be 18 years old or older.

These are condensed rules. Official rules will be available at the rodeo office as contained in the EFRRA Bylaws.