Corey Amberely


Corey has been a first responder for 19 years including Volunteer Fire & Rescue, Race Rescue/Rapid Intervention, Air Ambulance ground support & Volunteer Ambulance, and for the last 14 years for the City of Edmonton/Alberta Health Services Edmonton Zone currently working as an Advanced Care Paramedic & Acting Supervisor. Corey also served 10 years concurrently with the Canadian Armed Forces as a reserve Medical Technician.

Corey has a farm north of the city where he raises a small herd of cattle. He got into roping when he figured out that it was much more enjoyable to use a horse to doctor cattle than it was to wrestle the entire herd by hand, and a lot less running.

When not at work you can find him renovating his house, fixing vehicles and machinery and replacing fences that the horses and cows have taken down.

Corey got involved with the Rodeo after attending as a spectator one year and never looked back.

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