Heather Robinson


Heather is originally from Surrey, BC having moved out to Alberta in 2001. In 2016, Heather completed her EMT/PCP and shortly thereafter was hired with AHS EMS – Edmonton Metro Zone. With her now 7 years of experience Heather’s love for First Responders has only grown, along with a new realization of her passion for the End-of-Life/Palliative Care of patients. This led her to complete an End-of-Life Doula course to which she is looking forward to using in addition to her career as an EMT/PCP.

Being a First Responder herself and seeing the mental drain it has on the people within these careers, she looked for ways to give back to her First Responder family in a positive way. After one very busy night shift in July 2018 she spontaneously agreed to go with a friend to “a first responder rodeo!” After being a spectator and learning what EFRRA was about she volunteered for the Second Annual Rodeo in 2019. Then at the 2020 AGM, despite having no rodeo knowledge or experience, Heather expressed interest in having a more active role within EFRRA and the rest is history.
Despite having no Rodeo experience, Heather has a considerable amount of volunteer experience which has translated well into her role as a Director with EFRRA.

Heather looks forward to all the planning and hard work that makes this event happen each year, and then watching everyone enjoy the day!

Board of Directors