Heather Robinson


Heather is originally from BC having moved out to Alberta in 2001. In 2016, Heather completed her EMT and was hired for the Edmonton Zone EMS service, primarily within the downtown area. During the First Rodeo, Heather was only a spectator and enjoyed it, further adding to her interest of later volunteering for the Second Rodeo. As Heather is interested in supporting her fellow First Responders, she didn’t need to look far, and expressed interest in playing a more active role within the EFRRA.
Despite having no previous Rodeo or ‘Farm Life’ experience, Heather does have a considerable history of volunteer experience. Heather’s experience mainly comes from her 17 years of competitive figure skating, and as a Cadet (and later a Youth Leader) within the St. John Ambulance BC/YK Cadet Brigade Division 336C.
Heather is excited to be part of EFRRA and is looking forward to contributing to the team!

Board of Directors