Shane Williams


Shane was born and raised in Kelowna B.C. then making the trek to Alberta for work in his early 20’s which eventually led him to working for the City of Edmonton that evolved to a career with the Edmonton Fire Department as a HD Tech. Soon after coming to Alberta he met his wife Nicole and her family and he soon learned about cattle, horses and farming and knew that this was way of life that he wanted for his family. Shane was the hands-on Dad at 4H, barrel racing jackpots through college rodeo and the Rodeo Queen world with his daughter Kyla. Shane did not sit long on the side lines watching the action as he soon found himself a skilled rope horse named Ricky Bobby, picked up a rope and never missed an opportunity to learn. Shane entered the Cowboy vs Firemen oyster eating contest at a 1025 CFR event winning the prize buckle for the Cowboys. He now seeks a new buckle to that actually represents a rodeo event.

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